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Tagua Nut Beads, Eco Friendly Jewelry

Tagua Nut Beads, Eco Friendly Jewelry

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Bring new life to your creations with these delicate tagua nut beads. Lightweight thin slices cut and dyed in a variety of vibrant colors. An assortment in turquoise, orange, fuchsia, red, yellow, green, purple, black, and cream. Natural beads for making earrings, necklaces, headpieces, keychains, and more. Perfect for everyday wear jewelry.

Lot of 60 thin potato chips slices. Mixed small to medium sizes around 10 to 25 mm (0.39 to 0.98 inches). Beads are free-form. Due to the natural nut shape sizes vary. No two pieces are the same, warped beads are common. Tagua beads show their natural cracks. Growth rings and the brown edge are the natural bark from the nuts. Thickness 1.3 mm/0.05" approx (it can vary from piece to piece). Top drilled beads.

If you desire a matching set please contact us before making the buy. 

Tagua nut or vegetable ivory comes from the Peruvian rainforest. Hand-cut, polished, and dyed by local artisans.

You will receive a similar lot shown in the pictures. Colors, sizes, and shapes can be different from the ones in the photos.
Beads care - avoid contact with water.
Product is not suitable for children.
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