DIY Cactus Jars

DIY Cactus Jars

I was organizing the trims and the fabrics and found ribbon remnants and small pieces of fabric. There is a collection in my kitchen of jam jars, pickle jars, coconut oil jars – you name it. Different sizes and shapes big or small, skinny or wide, saved to be recycled. Go and get those glass jars waiting in the recycling bin!
Why not combine the ribbon remnants and bits of pieces of fabric into something fun and useful so I came up with these repurposed glass jars, I chose a cacti theme as I’m totally in love with cacti and succulents. These DIY upcycled glass jars are great for storing beads, pom poms, trims, buttons, as money jars, storing candy or any other thing you prefer. You can use them as pin cushions as well! 
Upcycling and having fun creating something!
I hope you enjoy it! Have an idea of your own? Please share it with us!

Materials for the Cactus Jars

Used Glass Jars
Cactus Pattern of your choice
Trim remnants and bits and pieces of fabric
Hot Glue Gun
Fabric Paint

Making the Cactus Jars

Lovely Cactus Jars

Now you have a decorative repurposed glass jar! Add a gift tag if you like and you have the perfect present!


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